What You Know

Once you have a child, you know. You know your life has changed forever, and for the better. You know there is no greater joy than holding your child, watching your child grow and develop — seeing your child smile, laugh, play, learn, and love.

You also know the true meaning of sleep deprivation, the irritations of temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, and homework struggles. You know the frustrations of household chaos and lack of exercise. And you really know what it means to have your buttons pushed.

Getting help with parenting challenges should not be a big deal. Parents should not have to reach a crisis point before they feel justified seeking outside support. Sometimes an impartial, outside perspective can make all the difference in the world. Family Matters NY provides exactly that. Our home visits bring coaching and counseling to your home, since we know just getting out of the house is sometimes a family‚Äôs biggest challenge. For a complete listing of how we can help, please click on “What We Do“.