Parent Camp

Ah, the lazy days of summer. No more teachers, no more books. No more lunches to pack, no more mad dash to get to pre-school or grade school on time to avoid those teachers’ dirty looks. At first it feels … Continue reading

Staying Present in the Era of Distraction

When I get sullen, rejecting glares from my teenage daughter while my younger parent friends get unreserved affection and boundless enthusiasm from their toddlers I turn a little green with envy. But I don’t always envy today’s younger generation of … Continue reading

Parenting Re’s for Springtime

The 70 degree, sunshiny weather of a week past was just a teaser. Clearly the downpours and sub-freezing temps of more recent days are brutal reminders that March is a temperamental month. Still that early promise of spring got me … Continue reading

To Work or Not to Work?

There’s never been a simple solution to the Working/Not Working conundrum, and given the current economic climate many mothers no longer have any choice. Some must bring home part (if not all) of the bacon. Others are victims of downsizing, … Continue reading

Thirty-six, Going on Sixteen

Parents of small children often ask my advice on how best to prepare for holidays with extended family.  “Expect regression,” I suggest. “And I’m not talking about your kids. I’m talking about you.” Sure, holidays are a time of comfort … Continue reading

Sibling Survival

Why is it some siblings behave like playmate-angels, sharing and cooperating without a hint of rivalry while others act like annihilator-devils, hell-bent on destroying each other at every opportunity? When everyone seems okay, why does one kid decide to pitch … Continue reading

Advanced Preparation and Problem-Solving

It’s easy to love kids. However it’s not always so easy to get them to do what we want. At some point even the most laid-back parents must command their children to eat, sleep, leave the home/playground/preschool, stop crying, get … Continue reading

In Defense of Dads: Part One

It’s not officially Father’s Day. But let’s say for a moment that every day is father’s day. Not a day when fathers eat whatever they want without scrutiny, watch hours of sports on TV, receive handmade Father’s day cards, slippers, … Continue reading

In Defense of Dads, Part Two

Pregnancy Baby Toddler Preschooler Kids You subscribe to newsletter In Defense of Dads- Roughhousing Is Good?! In Part One of “In Defense of Dads” I talked about how important it is for dads to stay involved with their kids and … Continue reading

The Truth is Overrated

I lied to my kid. You should too. This may sound like odd advice from a supposed parenting expert, but I believe it is sometimes important to lie to children, that ‘good’ lying is one of the cornerstones of positive … Continue reading